February 3, 2012 life 2 min read

I had to answer the question “What inspires you?” for a TEDx application. Every answer to that question sounds cheesy. Here’s my cheesy answer.

I am inspired by walking; steady, continuous forward progress. Fast enough to get where I want to go in time, but not too fast.

Maintaining a fast pace while walking requires enormous concentration on the act of walking. It is extremely difficult to focus on anything else and maintain a fast pace. I only walk fast when arriving at my destination is of the utmost of importance.

Walking slow is often enjoyable, but neglects the fact that the point of walking is to go somewhere. I walk slow when I have a particularly difficult problem to solve, or I only want a slight change of scenery in hopes of inspiration.

Walking naturally requires almost no concentration. It allows me to focus on what is important, adjust my path when necessary, and arrive at my destination in a reasonable time.

I am inspired by progress. I love the continuous process of taking something that is awkward, uncomfortable or even painful and making it incrementally better.

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