Wasting Time

January 6, 2012 life 2 min read

I remember the day I bought TextMate. Like everyone, I loved TextMate. I loved it so much that I procrastinated learning anything else while I waited for TextMate Forever to be released. The new release that fixed everything was going to be out any day, so why should I waste time learning something new?

Why should I waste time learning something new? That question echoed in my head when I explained to a friend why I hadn’t tried another editor yet. Why should I waste time learning something new? Since when is learning something new a waste of time? I can think of many ways I have wasted time, and none of them involve learning something new.

72 hours. That’s how long I wasted watching four and a half seasons of 24. I will never get those hours back. Now that’s a waste! It was not relaxing (it was actually quite stressful and anxiety inducing), it wasn’t intellectually stimulating and I didn’t learn anything. Fortunately I came to my senses and stopped watching it.

From now on, when I waste time, I’m going to try to do it by learning something new, even if it’s something I won’t ever use.

On a related note, next week I will be blogging about my experience with learning Sublime Text 2

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