How to Win Friends…

May 27, 2011 book 2 min read

I finally read the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People over vacation a few weeks ago. Despite numerous recommendations, I’ve avoided it for many years because it sounded manipulative and sleazy.

It’s actually a really great book with a horrible title. I highly recommend it.

The book presents some fundamental principles in dealing with people, offers suggestions on how to be more likable, and examines ways you can make it easer for people to subscribe to and follow your way of thinking. The ideas presented in the book are only manipulative in the sense that doing the dishes for your spouse is manipulative; you may have alternative motivations, but ultimately your doing a nice thing that makes everyone better off.

One of the suggestions in the book was to re-read parts of the book regularly and practice. So, in an attempt to get the most out of the book, I’m going to review one chapter each week for the next while, and be intentional about practicing the advice.

After going through the first week I found that many of my friends were oddly curious about my endeavor, so I thought I would share about it here.

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