Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber

October 14, 2008 talk , code 1 min read

The Great Lakes Ruby Bash was a good time. There were several quality presentations, including Jim Weirich’s talk “Playing it Safe - How to write library friendly code in Ruby”, Larry Karnowski’s talk “Usability on Rails”, and Brandon Dimcheff’s “Metawhat? A look into the mysterious metaclass”.

I presented a talk titled “Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber”. Despite the fact that half of the audience didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, I think it went well. I uploaded the slides from my talk to slideshare if you’re interested. I’m not sure that they’ll really be very helpful, but I may try to record audio to go with them at some point.

As far as I know, no audio or video was captured at the conference.

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