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August 17, 2007 code 2 min read

Update: This is not needed with recent versions of acts_as_ferret.

Here’s a little nugget to add to acts_as_ferret to make your searches paginate with will_paginate.

module ActsAsFerret
  module ClassMethods
    def paginate_search(query, options = {})
      page, per_page, total = wp_parse_options(options)
      pager =, per_page, total)
      options.merge!(:offset => pager.offset, :limit => per_page)
      result = find_by_contents(query, options)
      returning, per_page, result.total_hits) do |pager|
        pager.replace result

Updated from Behrang’s comment based on changes to will_paginate.

There was a slight challenge in that will_paginate expects that you do one query to get the count, create a new collection object based on that count, and then perform the actual search. But acts_as_ferret does it all in one method call, so I have to create a temporary collection object to get the offset, then do the search and create the collection object. It’s a little messier than it needs to be, but it works.

Product.paginate_search params[:q], :page => params[:page]
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