Don't buy from Builder Depot

March 16, 2007 2 min read

Short Story: I still haven’t gotten a refund or replacement for the item that I ordered over 4 months ago that arrived damaged.

Details: At the end of November, I ordered a christmas present for my wife from, through Amazon. The item arrived damaged, so I requested a return through Builder Depot’s website. It took them 3 weeks to acknowledge my return request, and another 2 to actually issue an RMA number for the return.

Now mid-January, I shipped the item back, only to find a week later that the address they gave me in the return instructions was the wrong address. After getting the correct address, I paid to ship it again.

A month later, I realized that I never received a replacement or a refund, so I contacted them. They said they didn’t receive it and asked if I had a tracking number. Naturally, I had misplaced it. After searching for it for a couple weeks, I finally contacted the place that I shipped it from, and they had record of it, along with the tracking number. The return was delivered on January 17.

What makes this whole ordeal most frustrating is Builder Depot’s complete disrespect for their customers. They don’t have a phone number listed on their website (that I could find), and when I did find it (800-480-9463 for anyone that needs it), I found out that they don’t answer it. You leave a message and a drone named Susan Hershkowitz emails you whenever she gets around to it. I have asked at least 3 times for contact information for a manager, and been ignored. Their feedback on shows that 8% of people that have ordered from them had similar experiences.

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