An extra GB makes all the difference

February 25, 2007 life 1 min read

When I bought my MacBook Pro back in March (wow, I’ve been a Mac user for almost a year now), I was cheap and just went with 1GB of RAM. I’ve never really had any issues with performance until lately, when I’ve been needing to do more intensive tasks like working in Photoshop, using Aperture, and testing in IE (via Parallels). Running any one of those apps required closing pretty much everything else.

So Last week I ordered an extra GB of RAM. It finally arrived today, so I installed it and have been doing a bit of informal testing. For the record, 1GB of RAM makes a HUGE difference. I was able to open Photoshop, Aperture and Parallels at the same time, and the performance was better than it was before with just one of them open.

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