Addicted to Democracy

February 8, 2007 life 1 min read

It’s not what you think…

A couple months ago, I stumbled upon Democracy Player, which calls itself “the free and open source internet TV platform”. It’s an unique video player that puts a bit of a spin on the traditional podcast/vlog application.

In addition to being able to subscribe to any podcast feed that includes video, Democracy features a channel guide that is somewhat iTunes-esque, allowing you to browse and search video “channels”.

Democracy can search and download videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, and more, and allows you to save the search results as a “Channel”. The player will then download any new content that matches your search criteria.

I don’t subscribe to a lot of vlogs, but I religiously watch (ironically) Democracy Now![](“: and “The Show with Ze Frank”: “Check it out)

(John, sorry to steal your phrase)

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