Tinder: Listening is just as important as speaking

January 27, 2007 code 1 min read

I just released an update to Tinder, the really unofficial Campfire API, that allows listening in on a room:

campfire = 'mysubdomain'
campfire.login '', 'mypassword'

room = campfire.find_room_by_name 'Room 1'

messages = room.listen
#=> [{:person=>"Brandon", :message=>"I'm getting very sleepy", :user_id=>"148583", :id=>"16434003"}]

\#listen takes an option block, which causes it to poll for new messages every 5 seconds and call the block for each message. It works great for heckling (ok, maybe that’s not the intent):

room.listen do |m|
  room.speak "You're dumb!" if m[:person] == 'Brandon'

Check out my original post for more information about Tinder. Feedback and patches are welcome!

Thanks to Jesse Newland for the listening code.

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